Guidance notes

NAReS guidance notes are produced and issued by the NAReS portfolio holders and ad-hoc working groups, established as required, which have remits covering key aspects of re-enactment, for example, firearms, health and safety, arms and armour and the use of horses. These subcommittees are made up of representatives from member groups who have been selected by their society as an expert in the field. Guidance notes follow a long process in their formation with a number of discussion and consultative phases. During this process all the collective experience of the member societies experts is pooled and the most relevant and valuable parts of it are extracted.


The result is the NAReS guidance notes, which are based on the current good practices of all of NAReS member societies with reference to the law and health & safety issues. They are designed to be a collection of the things that the most experienced, long-time re-enactors have found to work in practice. They are there for the benefit and edification of all groups in NAReS; by sharing our experiences, we all grow together.


The NAReS guidance notes are intended for guidance and nothing else. They are not intended to be draconian, nor are any parts of them enforced; you will not find your group turfed out of NAReS for not following them to the letter. The guidance notes are there to help your group conduct its activities in a safe and legal way and to help you protect yourselves; they are intended to fit in with your group’s own rules and not countermand them. If there are any aspects of a particular guidance note that you find unacceptable, don’t use those parts; or better still let someone in NAReS know, get involved with the subcommittees, make changes. Remember that NAReS belongs to its member societies, and its remit is set by those member societies. Likewise, if there is guidance you feel should be included let us know!


Update 14 January 2016 - guidance on modern firearms, pyrotechnics and explosives safety is being drafted and will be available soon.



NAReS guidance notes are based on what is believed to be current good practice. They are not intended to be exhaustive in their content and are open to revision. These notes are intended for guidance only and should not be construed as being mandatory, or applying to all circumstances which may arise. They are designed to work in conjunction with any member groups’ own rules, regulations or recommendations. NAReS cannot be held responsible for the actions of other official bodies, or for the imposition or effect of any legislation/regulation of which it was unaware at the date of issue of this guidance note.