Want to join? Read on...

As you would expect, as a national representative body for Re-enactment Societies to display organisers, promoters, national and international governments, NAReS has a set of guidelines to which all societies wishing to apply for membership must conform. The guidelines are a minimum requirement for what may be considered a reasonably conscientious and 'professional' society.  


What does our group need?
  • Written Constitution - this refers to a written copy of your societies rules and structures; the joining information pack you receive prior to your application for membership will explain this in more detail. 

  • Public Third Party Liability Insurance - in order to be eligible for membership, you need adequate cover; most societies have £2,000,000 cover or higher. Public Liability Insurance for re-enactment groups can be expensive but NAReS can assist groups in finding an insurer who has an appropriate policy to cover their needs.

  •  Health & Safety Policy - this refers to a written copy of the Safety Rules by which your society attempts to conduct its business in a manner which pays due attention to the potentially hazardous nature of re-enactment for both the participants and the public. Health and Safety is one of the most important requirements for re-enactment and goes a long way to acquiring Third Party Liability Insurance cover. 

  • Client References - NAReS requires that all societies wishing to become members provide at least two references. We will take up these references as part of your application procedure to assist in ensuring the Bona Fide nature of your organisation's activities.


What sort of membership would suit our group?

NAReS offers 3 types of membership:

  • Associate members - This is for small groups of between 5 and 9 people. Associate members cannot vote at NAReS meetings, but are otherwise entitled to the same privileges as a full member.

  • Business members - This is for businesses or commercial organisations that employ re-enactors. Business members cannot vote at NAReS meetings; and in the interests of neutrality the board of Directors reserves the right to exclude business members from any meeting or part thereof where a conflict on interests may arise.

  • Full members - This is for groups in excess of 10 adult members. Full member groups have voting rights at NAReS meetings, and are allocated a vote to each delegate as shown below. If a member group sends less delegates than votes, they are entitled to the same number of votes, nonetheless:

    • between 10 and 25 members - 1 vote/delegate

    • between 26 and 149 members - 2 votes/delegates

    • between 150 and 999 members - 3 votes/delegates

    • over 1000 members - 4 votes/delegates

What are the membership fees for our group?

All fees are annual and the membership runs per calendar year. The fees at present are:

  • between 10 and 25 members - £30.00

  • between 26 and 149 members - £70.00

  • between 150 and 999 members - £100.00

  • over 1000 members - £130.00

  • associate membership - £15.00

  • business membership - £25.00