Portfoilios and working groups

At present NAReS has 4 main portfolio holders. Their role is threefold:

  1. to keep member groups aware of changes in legislation;

  2. to provide a response to consultations on proposed changes in legislation which would have an impact on member groups activities

  3. to draft and revise guidance notes specific to their portfolio for dissemination to member groups.



The current portfolios and working groups are:

  • Health and safety - advice on everything from event organisation to serving food at events to members.

  • Edged weapons -  advice for those groups who engage in melee combat, where a variety of different weapons are used, as well as on best practice for fighting techniques, use of armour and training.

  • Equestrian - advice on the use of horses at events, as well as engaging the services of stables and cavalry.

  • Firearms, pyrotechnics and black powder - advice on the use of black powder and cartridged weapons; pyrotechnics and special effects; and explosives/black powder handling, storage and issue. Please note this portfolio is split between pre and post 1850 for firearms.


If you have a specific question, please contact us and we will provide advice and support.